Technical testing and analysis

NACE Rev2 code: M.71.20

This class includes the performance of physical, chemical and other analytical testing of all types of materials and products, such as:

  • acoustics and vibration testing
  • testing of composition and purity of minerals etc.
  • testing activities in the field of food hygiene, including veterinary testing and control in relation to food production
  • testing of physical characteristics and performance of materials, such as strength, thickness, durability, radioactivity etc.
  • qualification and reliability testing
  • performance testing of complete machinery: motors, automobiles, electronic equipment etc.
  • radiographic testing of welds and joints
  • failure analysis
  • testing and measuring of environmental indicators: air and water pollution etc.
  • certification of products, including consumer goods, motor vehicles, aircraft, pressurised containers, nuclear plants etc.
  • periodic road-safety testing of motor vehicles
  • testing with use of models or mock-ups (e.g. of aircraft, ships, dams etc.)
  • operation of police laboratories
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    M.71.20: Technical testing and analysis

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    BG: Технически изпитвания и анализи
    CZ: Technické zkoušky a analýzy
    DA: Teknisk afprøvning og analyse
    DE: Technische, physikalische und chemische Untersuchung
    EE: Teimimine ja analüüs
    EL: Τεχνικές δοκιμές και αναλύσεις
    EN: Technical testing and analysis
    ES: Ensayos y análisis técnicos
    FI: Tekninen testaus ja analysointi
    FR: Activités de contrôle et analyses techniques
    HR: Tehničko ispitivanje i analiza
    HU: Műszaki vizsgálat, elemzés
    IT: Collaudi e analisi tecniche
    LT: Techninis tikrinimas ir analizė
    LV: Tehniskā pārbaude un analīze
    MT: Testijiet tekniċi u analiżi
    NL: Technische testen en toetsen
    NO: Teknisk prøving og analyse
    PL: Badania i analizy techniczne
    PT: Actividades de ensaios e análises técnicas
    RO: Activităţi de testări şi analize tehnice
    RU: Технические испытания и анализы
    SK: Technické testovanie a analýzy
    SV: Teknisk provning och analys
    TR: Teknik test ve analiz faaliyetleri